About the Company proprietor A.K.A. Me.

(Who is it you will be dealing with)

I'm a near 65 year old mechanic on enforced retirement due to injury some years ago. I have always had a very inquiring mind and have for ever been interested in all things technical, scientific and interesting. Being a self confessed Mr. D.I.Y. I have turned my hand to almost every field of endeavor one could imagine.

 I admit that as a consequence I am indeed a Jack of all trades and a Master of none as the saying goes, however that doesn't bother me when I think about the tens of thousands of dollars I must have saved the family over the years by being able to turn my hand to repairing almost anything mechanical, electrical, timber, boat repair, engine rebuilds etc. name it and I probably have done it.

 I have done a few years in the Royal Australian Army, joined to go to Vietnam but ended up not going. That was a disappointment but probably a blessing too. The best thing about being in the army is, that's where I met my wonderful wife of 32 years and yes, we are still together and I am much more than lucky on that score, indeed I am blessed.

 Recreation wise my greatest love has always been no.1, fishing , football when I was much younger and when even younger still I had a gymnastics troupe formed at primary school with which I used to tour country schools and youth clubs putting on demonstrations. The good old days.

 In more recent years things have changed for me quite a lot.  Just 3  months after marrying my much better half  back in  1976 I  unfortunately got crushed under of all things - an army truck. At the time I was told that I would never walk again and would be wheelchair bound the rest of my life.

 Thanks to medical advances I eventually got a surgeon to operate on my back and remove he crushed vertebrae and fuse the remaining ones to allow me to walk again. The operation was a complete success though it would be done very differently if I was having it done today.

I was left able to walk but in great pain and though able to walk the chronic pain has meant that

 I've never been able to participate in my previous activities such as being a mechanic etc. and  I ended up having to find things I could earn a living at while sitting down.

As it happened my accident occurred 3 months after getting married, and 3 months after leaving the army. I ended up fighting one of the largest trucking companies in the world in court because of the unsafe equipment that failed and caused me to be crushed. After exhausting funds and legal aid I lost the case and got nothing, you can't fight multinational companies on an invalid pension.

 So what was I to do to keep my sanity, there was little left to me that I enjoyed doing except maybe fishing. - YEAH fishing - I had enough from my army severance pay to buy a reasonable outside boat, which I did. I fell in love with the healthy lifestyle, out on the reef by 3.30 AM six days a week fishing primarily for snapper, kingfish, tuna and larger species for which I could earn as it turned out - quite a respectable living.

 It was hard at first till my body hardened up to withstand the early starts, cold, and the rigors of rocking and rolling all day long in a small boat miles from shore. After a while however I came to absolutely love the whole business of being a professional fisherman and knowing with confidence that if I fished a certain area under certain conditions of wind and tide and sea state I could more than reasonably expect to take home a very respectable pay packet at the end of my day.

 As things progressed and I really knew what I was doing I was usually able to be

on my way home by 7 AM having started at 3 to 3.30 AM with a $3oo  to $4oo pay packet for the morning - this was the life for me, or so I thought.

 I persisted with this behaviour even after many years and even though my chronic back pain and joint pains was by then becoming ridiculous.

The money was good and I wanted to provide for my family as best I could for as long as I could, knowing that soon enough I would not be able to do it any longer.

 That day came about 7  years ago now, I presented to a doctor, something I rarely ever did back then only to be told that if I did not want to be totally incapacitated and bedridden I needed to stop going to sea and get into something very different to make a living.

 This might seem a funny time to start cutting my story short but it's about now I usually start to get pretty upset about my whole predicament. I have had a small Commodore 64 computer business on the side for many years and till 7 years ago had single PC to access the Internet and never thought I would get much more into computers than that.

 I now have a bank of PC's networked, my wife has one, I build and repair them, teach and do as much as I can from my home workshop but my inability to stand for more than a few minutes a day and inability to drive or do so many things I used to do to make a living have made it necessary for me find another avenue of income.

 It seems a natural progression now but since I have been sedentary an unable to exercise for the last few years my weight has ballooned out in excess of 300 pounds, I desperately need several operations which I can't afford and it seems to me that with the resources I now have available to me I might as well make a serious effort to become an Internet marketer.

 I have made more than a good go of most things I have attempted to do in my  past and as I have already developed an avid interest in marketing , this site you are at right now is the beginning of  what I hope to develop as an income earning asset for my wife, children  and myself for our years ahead.

 Yes my story has a lot left out, in fact a great lot left out but I think you have seen a glimpse of my background.

I just want to continue doing whatever I can to hopefully insure a residual income for my wife and children when I am gone as doctors have made it very clear I am living on borrowed time and have little hope of regaining my health given my circumstances.

 I am designing and building this site "live" so to speak as an experiment to determine some real facts and figures and real trends in marketing on the Internet generally.

By starting as I plan to continue, openly and honestly, not trying to pretend I am some kind of an expert or instant Guru I hope that people will learn to trust me and will be happy to deal with me when they can see that I am a real person putting in the time and effort to establish myself as an honest trustworthy marketer.

Like most marketers Yes I have many ideas for product generation and general money making marketing ventures which I will unveil to my affiliates over time.

  Yes I have a wealth of marketing resources gathered over the last few years that I will be presenting to the marketing fraternity in various offers and of course as Freebies.

Over time I have formed way too many affiliations with far too many marketers and will be asking those of you who know, just who are the big dogs that do the right thing by their affiliates that I should work with more closely. (Who are the big marketers you have learned to trust?)

At the time of writing I have No history as an Internet marketer in my own right except for having downloaded many gigabytes of marketing related software applications, e-books etcetera and of course as one does, I have become affiliated with many other marketers having downloaded their products with a view to promoting those products and generally doing the affiliate thing.

 Regrettably I must admit I have committed the same cardinal sin as thousands of others in that I have gathered heaps of Ebooks etc. and done very little with them. That's all changing now!

I will provide more pertinent information about the company as and when necessary or if specific information is sort by contributors through my Blog etc.