Hello and a big  welcome to you. My site as best I can make  it  will be quite different to the normal polished marketer's site you  are  probably used to, seeing at least in the  beginning.

Being  very much a "Newbie" as we are called it is my intention to  try and take return visitors along with me  on an expected bumpy ride as I  learn the  tricks and ropes of setting up a marketers site, optimizing it  and doing all those little things one has  to do to get a site running as  smoothly and  efficiently as possible.

I am an  aspiring marketer with everything to learn and all the pitfalls  head of me, however instead of  worrying unduly about things as I have been  up  to now I have decided to go about things a bit differently.

I  have decided to get the site up and running then to cal upon all of  you  marketers out there that know from the  school of hard knocks how things  should be  done for your help advice and participation, for which any  contributors /helpers will be profusely  thanked and forever acknowledged.

One  of the things I've come to understand about marketers is that it's  very  beneficial to be thought of as an expert  in your field and it's also very  good to have  back links to your site for a host of reasons.

To anyone whatsoever who feels  they can offer helpful suggestions for the   betterment of any of the pages on my site, please don't hesitate to  drop me  a few lines via my Blog, Yack  box or email and tell  me your ideas.  

Contributors who  make useful suggestions for the site that I actually use  will earn themselves a thank you line or  two with their name on a special  "Thank You"  page as well as a permanent back link to their site  something which is sometimes very hard to  get.

Other  contributors who offer helpful suggestions that I don't actually use  will also get a mention on the "Thank You"  page but may not get a  permanent back  link.

I am doing this to try  and insure that people who do  decide to be  helpful will do their very best to offer me really worthwhile  ideas and input.

Please  indicate if you wish your comments to  be seen  by others or kept private as I want to honor any and all efforts to  help

The exact direction  and character the site will  eventually take on  will end up being determined by a compilation of my  original ideas married with your  helpful suggestions. I must admit  that  although this is a great departure from the norm' I personally am  quite excited about seeing how it  eventually goes.

I am not at present in  a position to pay others to do  any part of my  site building and am doing this whole thing on a shoestring  budget- myself, so to speak . Now here is some   more honesty for you.

Like  every marketer, I too hope to make some very good money eventually but I've been looking into it long enough to form the opinion that there is no sure fire way to make the large sums of money over night that  we hear  about in spam emails every day and I understand that it could be a long haul.

My most pressing need  is to make enough money to be  able to pay for  several major operations that I have been in need of for  some time, that's where all the money  I make for quite a while will be  going as medical services of the kind I need are very expensive .